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Contributor Guidelines

The guidelines mentioned below must be kept in mind while creating your articles for Budding Analyst.
Budding Analyst is a platform that helps students, prospective investors, investors and anyone who wishes to learn about economics and finance, to gain insight into the world of finance through real life happenings and case studies. We aim to provide quality content on financial and economic topics to help our readers in gaining useful insights to make better decisions.

Hence we expect our content providers to do the following:

1. Provide real life examples and analysis of current issues in finance and economics. We expect the content to be relevant for our audience mentioned above. Also, the content must be backed by trusted sources.

2. These opinions and analysis must be your own and backed by your research. Do not copy the work done by someone else and submit as that would lead to barring you from providing us any further content.

3. Use simple English while writing your articles. Sometimes using a very heavy vocab leads to loss in the essence of the topic.

4. Try to ignite the minds of readers and open them up for exchange of ideas and a healthy debate. Make your article interesting and open to new perspectives.

5. Your article must be informative and help our readers in learning something new. It can be done either by covering a new area or writing on something that’s trending but looking at it with a different perspective.

6. We expect you to write in a conversational style to engage the readers in the article.

7. The data that you used must be backed by trusted sources and these sources must be shared along with the article.

8. Avoid clichés and slang, and use short paragraphs.

9. Don’t give vague statements like “some believe” etc. Back your data by facts from appropriate sources. Also, make sure to link out your sources. (Wikipedia, Quora, Slideshare are not considered reliable sources). We won’t be able to publish your article if the facts aren’t backed by appropriate sources.

10. The initial paragraph/paragraphs must cover a brief about the idea covered so that the readers stay on the same page and do not bounce to other pages while reading it.

11. Check the spellings of your name and your organization’s name before submitting.

12. Give it a final read as if it were someone else’s article and make the changes required before sending us the final piece.

13. Make sure your post is not a personal attack towards an individual or an organization.

14. Length of the blog: We appreciate the posts to be less than 1000 words. If the piece is too long, we might ask you to shorten it.

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