Welcome to our small world of analysis and research.
We strive to be the best platform to provide you guidance on being a great analyst. Thus, we’ll be posting content regarding techniques, tools to use, things to keep in mind while analyzing, live training programmes, webinars, and many more things required by an analyst.

Moreover, we’ll try our best to analyse the happenings around the world and help the students, investors and the general public in understanding its outcomes.
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Our Vision

We aim to provide an integrated platform for varied communities of analysts coming from different disciplines to share their wisdom with the idea of promoting innovation and learning.

Our Mission

We are committed towards research culture and try to spread literacy of varied disciplines through online courses and training programmes.

List of Organisations

Find below the list of all the organisations of which the students or employees have been connected with Budding Analyst in one way or the other. Some of the people from these organisations submit articles for our blog, some attend our webinars regularly, and some have opted for our live training sessions.

(This list is updated on a regular basis, the list mentioned below is as on July 12, 2020.)

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